Wibiya Toolbar Now Almost As Big As Twitter

Israel-based startup Wibiya has made waves with their social web toolbar, experiencing tremendous growth since their June 2009 launch and positioning themselves as the most popular web toolbar on the Internet. The Wibiya toolbar allows site owners to instantly integrate their entire web presence, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other outside functionality, into their website. A little over a year after the company’s launch, Wibiya is now being used on over 70,000 active websites and boasts 150 million unique monthly users – that’s almost as many as Twitter!

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with Wibiya’s CEO and co-founder, Dror Ceder, who demoed the toolbar for me and introduced me to its capabilities. By installing Wibiya on your website, you can bring all of your online activity to your site, where visitors can view it without leaving your homepage. Wibiya can bring Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Buzz, and more directly to your site and your visitors can chat, share and engage with their social networks while checking out your content. Check out the screenshot below to see how users can engage with Facebook, directly from the Wibiya website using the company’s toolbar. Users can connect to “like” and share content, comment and even update their Facebook statuses, directly from the Wibiya toolbar.