What Rush Limbaugh Should Have Said About President Obama And The Tech Companies

Rush missed a chance to say something that was factually accurate, should be of concern to all of us, and would have played equally as well, if not better, to his audience.

I’ve always had this theory about Rush Limbaugh, and it’s been more or less verified from the radio insiders I’ve met over the years. Rush doesn’t actually mean what he says on the show. It’s a character, not unlike a bad guy in professional wrestling, and he plays with people like puppets. The Rush Limbaugh Show is designed to appeal to a base of conservative nutbag extremists while antagonizing liberal nutbag extremists. It’s a formula that’s worked pretty well, but things change. Given the show’s recent struggles, it’s no surprise that Rush is out to antagonize new targets in a bid to up his Arbitron radio ratings and convince Cumulus Media not to drop his show.