Want a bunch of cheap Facebook fans? Don't make this mistake

6 cent cost per click. 1,476 fans for only $210. That’s only 14 cents a fan. But look at the targeting.

They’re buying traffic from India, Pakistan, Mexico, Thailand, and all sorts of places. Traffic there is a fraction of the cost of the United States, UK, or Canada. Unless you’re able to monetize fans outside of your target country, don’t make this irreversible mistake.

Provided you have your campaigns properly split up into audience (fan growth), engagement, and conversion, the junk fans feed into the engagement stage campaign, clogging things up. That means your News Feed campaigns have to work harder, since they are having to also reach your junk fans.

That’s wasting money. You can’t remove these fans or exclude them in your targeting, unless you have country-level targeting.

We’d rather see your “always on” campaigns (page post ads targeting fans) feeding real fans, even though there is a marginal benefit in appearing to have a large fan base. This tactic is nearly as bad as buying fake fans.