Vevo Will Use Its Music Video Expertise to Help Brands Create Custom Content

Helping advertisers with the music industry

Vevo is launching a new team to help brands develop marketing for the music industry. In addition to the new programming promised at today's NewFronts presentation, the digital music video company will announce a branded content business called Vevo BE, according to CRO Jonathan Carson.

The "BE" stands for branded entertainment.

Vevo will work with brands to craft campaigns that could leverage its breakout stars, some of whose careers it helped launch. In fact, Vevo's NewFronts presentation will feature some of that talent—Tori Kelly, Halsey and Magic are performing.

"We're very fired up about it," Carson said, referring to today's show. "We have what we think is a pretty special theme and message to deliver. And what we're trying to accomplish is to give all attendees the super-fan experience."

Vevo says its music videos get 11 billion monthly views and that it's the No. 1 YouTube partner. Its content is seen across the Internet. Aside from music videos, Vevo also has original shows focused on the industry, concerts and new stars.

Vevo's new branded entertainment division will help create custom content around music videos—behind the scenes, live performances and a focus on the lifestyle of music fans, Carson said.

"Historically, There's been a lack of understanding of music fans," Carson said. "Now, we're enabling brands to understand how their message fits authentically into music."

Brands are increasingly looking to popular digital publishers for help creating engaging content to stand out on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and Snapchat. Just last week, Facebook officially announced a program called Anthology that connects brands with online media companies—Vice, Vox Media, Funny or Die—that collaborate on videos for the social network.

Tumblr has a Creatrs Network that matches its artistic community with advertisers. Twitter recently bought a social talent agency called Niche, which helps brands figure out the best way to use Vine.

It's no secret that music stars are some of the most influential people on social media—pop stars have the top 10 biggest followings on Twitter. Vevo wants to be the creative connector between advertisers and those artists.

"It's crucial for brands to activate within music," Carson said.