5 Reasons Twitter Users Should Switch To Tumblr

We are resistant to change by nature, and I fondly remember the days when we scoffed at Facebook as “the next MySpace” or laughed at Twitter because “who cares about 140 character blurbs”. Well there’s a new boy in town and the derisive laughs sound like echoes of the past: his name is Tumblr and he wants your attention. Here are 5 reasons Twitter users should try out Tumblr.

No doubt you’ve been hearing the buzz about the blogging platform that allows users to easily post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their ‘tumblelog’. Maybe you’ve heard that they’re supporting 2,000,000 posts and 15,000 new users per day, but what makes it special? We take a look at the reasons Twitter users should switch to Tumblr below.