Twitter Drops From 14th To 23rd On LinkedIn’s 100 Most In-Demand Employers List

LinkedIn has released its latest list of the world’s 100 most in-demand employers, and Twitter didn’t do so hot, reports Mashable.

Google and Apple once again snagged the top two spots, but Twitter sank from #14 to #23.

The LinkedIn 100 Most In-Demand Employers list is based on an analysis of 25 billion interactions (following companies, viewing company pages) between the network’s 238 million+ users and businesses.

Facebook (#5) and Microsoft (#6) dipped compared to their 2012 rankings too, but Amazon moved up for the first time (#7).

According to LinkedIn’s stats, Twitter employees 4,000 people, the smallest by far in the top 25 companies. The top skills for Twitter employees are Scalability, Distributed Systems, and Python.

Does Twitter’s slip in status have anything to do with its impending IPO? You’d think more users on LinkedIn would be interacting with Twitter’s official page, searching for intel. The shuffling could be an effect of heightened interest in other companies, like Amazon, Tesla and Spotify, or a sign that tech scene stalwarts like Facebook and Twitter are due for a major innovative roll-out.

Check out the full LinkedIn 100 Most In-Demand Employers list for more.

(Source: Mashable. Sad Twitter image via AGBeat.)