Tumblr Now Fully Usable In Spanish

Micro-blogging platform Tumblr has added Spanish to its list of supported languages. Spanish is one of the seven languages the service is supporting at the moment. Other languages include English, German, French, Japanese, Turkish and Italian (launched earlier this year).

Changing your dashboard to Spanish is easy. After logging on to Tumblr, click on the account tab and select preferences. After that scroll down to the languages dropdown menu and select “Spanish”. Considering the strong Spanish speaking community supporting Tumblr, it was a surprise that the language wasn’t launched sooner.

Tumblr was founded in 2007 and in June of this year it surpassed 20 million blogs (more than wordpress). This tally is now close to 28 million. Recently, Tumblr was also rumored to have raised about $75 million to $100 million at a valuation in the range of $800 million+.

The company is planning to provide support for even more languages in the future to better cater to users from all regions. We hope that Hindi and Chinese would be next, since India and China represents the two biggest populations of the world.