The Center Of The Google Vs Facebook War: The Like Button

By now it has become well known that Google is planning a competitor to Facebook. While many believe that it may be too little too late for Google, the reality is that it’s a matter of survival for the company at this point. Google’s automated algorithms have become inefficient in that their systems are somewhat easy to game and despite Marissa Mayer once claiming that search is 90 percent solved, the reality is that it isn’t anywhere close.

Every day I perform searches on Google which simply fail. For me, searching has become a rapid process of trial an error. Enter the Like button, the social solution to search, and the replacement of the link as a voting mechanism. The people as a whole are more effective at determining what content is relevant and most of those people are unfortunately not effective at creating links. Case in point: there were 126 million blogs as of 2009 (easy to create sites where creating links is easy) and there are now over 500 million Facebook users actively clicking on like buttons around the web.