TechFuga Wants to be the Techmeme of Tech News Aggregators

I definitely love tech news aggregator Techmeme as it gives me my daily dose of the top new posts from my favorite tech news sites/blogs. But the thing is Techmeme does not cover all tech news sites and blogs, only the most popular ones, although it certainly is exerting effort to cover even those blog/sites which are not so popular yet is capable of delivering relevant and exciting tech news. For my other tech news fix I check my Google Reader account where I am subscribe to other tech sites not covered by Techmeme.Wouldn’t it be more useful if you could get all the top posts/news items on various tech news aggregators on one portal, presented the way Techmeme presents aggregated tech news? TechFuga has just made that possible.

TechFuga is a tech news aggregators aggregator. It aggregates various tech news aggregators and compiles these aggregated news in a Techmeme-like format. In other words, it’s your Techmeme for Tech news aggregators. It does not aggregate individual tech news sites but rather the sites which aggregates them.

According to Stan of Mashable, TechFuga utilizes popurls in culling the current posts from various tech news aggregators and does not employ human editors to sift through these aggregated sites to display only the most relevant and most popular news. So, it’s a free for all tech news aggregators aggregator.

Does it deliver the punch that Techmeme has when it was starting out, the answer is both yes and no. While TechFuga is definitely rich in information and would be more useful if you are monitoring daily tech news, it however poses the possibility of causing information overload to us, readers and users.

To state it directly, there is too much information on TechFuga that you might tend to lose focus and forget to notice the most relevant, most useful and most interesting tech news items.

If you monitor various tech news aggregators such as Yahoo Tech, Techmeme, Newsvine, Digg, Hackernews and many other Tech News aggregators then you would definitely love TechFuga. But if you want filtered and relevant tech news aggregates, then you’d be better off with just using Techmeme and Google Reader for other Tech news feeds.

TechFuga is screaming of a search engine. Hopefully the powers that be at the site would come up with one soon. This would definitely add some more value to what TechFuga wants to give us.