Study: Print Coupons Are Still More Popular Than Digital Deals Among Moms

78% cannot quit the paper

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Digital, evidently, hasn't destroyed the newspaper coupon. Heads of household still search paper media for deals more than they do Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., per a study by, which surveyed 2,200 moms.

Good old-fashioned print ads (78 percent) and supermarket circulars (65 percent) take the lead when it comes to how mothers find coupons, while 55 percent of those questioned said they often get coupons online, too.

What's more, 89 percent of moms are regularly influenced by coupons when it comes to shopping for food and drink, per Nearly half (49 percent) consider coupons frequently, according to the Web company's report. (—while offering a dozen major content categories such as parenting and cooking—distributes coupons for packaged-goods brands in one section of its site.)

Interestingly, the study says moms learn about new food and beverages via print and digital at the same clip (46 percent). And, 33 percent said they read about new items on their social media channels.

Additionally, the report found coupons affect mothers' purchases of foodstuffs at the rates seen below.

  • snack food (73 percent)
  • frozen items (72 percent)
  • cereal (62 percent)
  • beverages (57 percent)
  • dairy (55 percent)
  • and breads/bakery (42 percent)
@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.