10 Things Social Media Marketers Should Know About Millennials

Guest blogger Jackie Lampugnano admits she's asking a loaded question. The most important aspect of making an impact on Millennials is to first understand who they are. Jackie, a millennial, reveals all.

Millennial guest blogger Jackie Lampugnano describes herself as a PR girl and quite the social media enthusiast. She’s currently an Account Executive at Walker Sands Communications, mainly working with clients that provide marketing technology solutions. Lampugnano also blogs about industry topics on Gen Wise Perspective. Join her conversation on Twitter.

The most important aspect of making an impact on Millennials is to first understand who we are.There are many articles out there trying to do this but ironically they’re not written by Millennials. I’m not saying they aren’t helpful. Actually, here are two articles I’ve read recently that I think do a great job of discussing Gen Y:

Catching the Millennial Wave

Why Bashing Millennials Is Wrong

Still, if you really want to know about our generation you might want to hear it right from the horse’s mouth.Here are 10 key things you need to know about Millennials if you want to effectively market to them:

1. We’re narcissistic

We are self-absorbed (just saying), so you need to get to know us on an individual level to make an impact. We like to feel special and have brands treat us as such. Make it personalized and relevant. Brands that single us out when engaging with us via social media will resonate with us.

A great example: Pandora Radio. I tweeted about loving Pandora one afternoon when I had an exceptional playlist, and, although Pandora has over 50,000 followers and follows over 35,000 people, they still sent me a direct message saying they love me too and asked if I’d ever wear a Pandora shirt. I followed up via email and they sent me a shirt.

2. We’re impatient

We want things quick and easy. Avoid sending us paragraphs of information and videos/emails with content that takes more than 30 seconds to download. Bottom line: if it takes too long, we’ll move on to the next thing. The quicker you get to the point, the better.

3. We love technology

As digital natives, technology is so ingrained in us that it’s our favorite way to communicate. If you want to reach us, come find us on the plethora of social media channels out there. You’re more likely to get a response from sending us a Twitter DM or Facebook message than calling us on the phone.

You also want to make sure that you can communicate/engage us on every digital platform, especially mobile. Gen Y loves to access social media sites via smartphones.

4. We’re oversharers

We like to talk about ourselves and our lives. We post pictures and videos of everything online. Give us an opportunity to share with you.

The Wit Hotel in Chicago does a great job of this via social media channels. They recently ran a contest where people could take their “wittiest” pictures and post them on the Wit’s Facebook fan page. They publicized the contest via Twitter, posted links to pictures, and tweeted out the winners.

It was a great way for the Wit to engage with their audience and show that they care about what individual people have to say.

5. We don’t want to be sold to

We dislike traditional marketing methods/old school advertising. If you just push out your promotional message via social media channels, we won’t be interested. It makes your brand appear to be un-cool, and no Millennial wants to associate with an un-cool brand.

Try incorporating a mixture of information. Sure, share your news, but also share interesting news related to your industry. Incorporate humor. Talk about hot topics in the media.

Be human.

6. We have short attention spans

It makes us ultimate multi-taskers. We can listen to music, tweet, email, write a paper, research on the Internet, update Facebook, and text message one another all at the same time. What can you do to break through? Grab our attention right off the bat. If you can do that, you’re the next “task” that we’ll switch over to.