Social, Mobile Driving Millennial News Consumption (Infographic)

With news consumption, social engagement, and smartphone use rising together the relationship between the three is mostly symbiotic.

Social media and mobile applications have become a primary channel for news and other information for many millennials. An infographic from Coupofy takes an in-depth look at the smartphone-use habits of millennials and how these habits drive news consumption in the digital era.

Coupofy surveyed more than 2,000 millennials aged 18 through 34 and found that nearly 70 percent get their news from Facebook, 33 percent use Instagram and 21 percent turn to Twitter. News sites viewed in browsers were the second-most-popular source. In fact, there seems to be a renewed focus on browser activity, which reinforces the importance of optimizing for all viewing experiences.

Timeliness is also important, as the majority of millennials check social media or check news first thing in the morning. 41 percent check and update social media sites, and 14 percent purposefully browse the news. 52 percent said that checking the news and social media is the main benefit of owning a smartphone.

Social sites have the advantage when it comes to news readership, with the collected audiences browsing relentlessly. The relationship is mostly symbiotic, as social sites need the content to provide keep users engaged throughout the day. However, with news consumption, social engagement and smartphone use rising together, there is a growing power struggle between social media and publishers.

For more insights, check out the infographic below.