Report: 50% Of Successful Social Game Invites Come From 10% Of Players

Understanding the viral invitation process and successful virality of Facebook social games is a subject that warrants deep investigation, and a formal paper on just such a topic has been released by a group of researchers and industry veteran Manu Rekhi. In “Diffusion Dynamics of Games on Online Social Networks”, the group investigates the invitation process of users within social games, specifically focusing on “predicting invitation efficiency and understanding the group and social dynamics of invitation networks”.

Written by Xiao Wei, Jiang Yang from the University of Michigan, Ricardo Matsumura de Araújo from the Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil and Manu Rekhi, VP of strategy, marketing, business and corporate development for Lolapps, the investigation begins by defining a smart terminology for the analysis of the viral spread of an application. That is, who is inviting who, who is accepting, and how/why are these processes occurring. Below are some of the key findings and statistics, but I suggest you view the entire paper available here, because I only analyze a small section of their very complete findings.