Who Are The Best Psychologists To Follow On Twitter?

Who Are The Best Psychologists To Follow On Twitter?

Whether you’re interested in the latest scientific findings of the psychologist community or you just want to read about tips for living with better mental health, this list of the 30 most prominent psychologists on Twitter is a good one to keep your eye on.

Coming to us from BestPsychologyDegrees.com, a free source of information about psychology degrees and career preparation, the list of the top 30 tweeting psychologist covers celerities, professors, authors and more.

Number one is probably not a surprise to anyone with an eye toward pop culture: it’s Dr. Phil (Phil McGraw), celebrity psychologist, with 1,280,000 Twitter followers.

Dr. Phil tweets a variety of things, including motivational quotes (“Your life is not a dress rehearsal. You should be living each day to the fullest.”), behind-the-scenes thoughts from his TV show, and promotions for his wife’s new makeup brand. Maybe not the most insightful stuff, but others on the list fill in the gaps. Number two on the list, Andrew Mendonsa, for instance, tweets links to the latest studies and reports in the field.

Here are the top 10 most popular psychologists on Twitter:

1. Phil McGraw – “Doctor Phil”
2. Andrew Mendonsa – Noted California psychologist
3. Richard Wiseman – Psychology professor, University of Hertfordshire, England
4. Jeffrey Guterman – Associate professor, Miami-Dadeis Barry University
5. Steven Pinker – Psychology professor, Harvard University
6. Laura Compian Kauffman – Highly-regarded child psychologist
7. Keely Kolmes – Founder and president of San Francisco’s Bay Area Open Minds
8. Dan Ariely – Psychology Professor, Duke University
9. Leah Klungness – Author and family psychologist
10. Dolors Reig – Social psychologist and consultant

And you can read the full list of 30 top psychologists on Twitter at BestPsychologyDegrees.com.

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