Pokemon Go’s Halloween Event Increased Revenue By 133%

According to data from app store optimization company Sensor Tower, the game's Halloween event was a success.

To celebrate Halloween, Niantic released the first in-game event in popular mobile game Pokemon Go and, according to data from application store optimization company Sensor Tower, the event was a success.

The event gave users an increased chance of finding “spooky” Pokemon, and it also gave users more Pokemon candy for completing three actions: capturing Pokemon, transferring Pokemon to the professor and walking with their Buddy Pokemon.

According to Sensor Tower, the event, which ran from Oct. 26 through Nov. 1, increased in-app purchase revenue in the game by approximately 133 percent, or 2.3 times, worldwide in its first five days. Sensor Tower said the game earned approximately $23.3 million worldwide between Oct. 25 and 29. As a comparison, from Oct. 18 through 22, Sensor Tower said the game earned approximately $10 million.

Pokemon Go Halloween Revenue

During the Halloween event, Sensor Tower said the game’s average daily net revenue was approximately $4.6 million. By comparison, Sensor Tower said the game’s average daily net revenue “during the same five days the previous week” was $2 million.

Finally, Sensor Tower said the game’s daily revenue on the second day of the Halloween event was its highest daily revenue “since mid-September.”

In a blog post, Randy Nelson, head of mobile insights at Sensor Tower, commented:

What’s important to point out is that Niantic didn’t need to add any new content, such as additional Pokemon, to the game in order to encourage increased player spending on items such as lure modules that make finding the creatures easier. Not only that, but the game’s online community reacted extremely positively to the tweaks introduced during the event, with many calling for more holiday themed events like this in the future.

Pokemon Go is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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