New Snap Original First Person Was Shot Using Spectacles

The docuseries is produced by Yusuf Omar and Hashtag Our Stories and sponsored by Verizon

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Corporate synergy alert: Snapchat will debut Snap Original First Person Saturday, Oct. 24, saying that it is the first Snap Original to be filmed with the company’s Spectacles camera sunglasses.

The docuseries is produced by Yusuf Omar and Hashtag Our Stories, and the 12 episodes will put the Spectacles camera on the faces and in the hands of subjects innovating ways to help solve environmental problems, such as by making synthetic hair out of plants by turning leaves into weaves, training rats to sniff out landmines and discovering new ways to build houses by utilizing human urine.

New episodes will be added to Snapchat’s Discover page every other day.

Verizon is sponsoring the series.

Omar is an award-winning journalist who co-founded Hashtag Our Stories with his wife, Sumaiya, and an early adopter of Spectacles, having worn them since 2016.

Snap Inc. said Snap Originals have reached over 75% of the Generation Z population in the U.S. thus far in 2020, adding that a study it commissioned from GroupSolver found that 82% of Snapchatters believe they have a personal responsibility to create the change they want to see in the world.

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