Native Advertising in Context [Infographic]

"Nobody reads advertising. People read what they want to read. And sometimes it's an ad." - advertising pioneer Howard Luck Gossage in 1969.

Native advertising is the fastest growing segment in the online advertising business. Brands trade relevant information for increased exposure or time spent directly on their websites. Several studies have confirmed that more than 70 percent of media buyers used branded content in 2013.

Content marketers can benefit from native advertising in the following ways:

  • Reaching a broader audience: Beyond owned and earned media, paid-for content provides an opportunity to extend audience reach across trusted channels.
  • Extending the life of content: The life span of a blog post or other piece of content is unpredictable. Through native advertising, there’s a clear opportunity to reinvent earlier content and bring it back to the forefront.
  • Retargeting leads and prospects: Native advertising is in line with the evolving nature of content personalization and context marketing, and guides advertising prospects through the sales funnel.

This infographic by Solve Media offers a quick look into this growing segment:

native advertising context