Mobile Game Roundup: Deer Hunter 2016, Full Pipe and More

We take a look at some of the games released this week.

Are you looking for a new game to play on your smartphone or tablet this weekend? There are plenty of new options available, including Call of Champions from Spacetime Studios. The free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game challenges players to compete in five-minute, three-vs-three multiplayer matches.

Genera Games also released its newest title this week, Star Trek: Wrath of Gems, created in partnership with CBS Interactive. The match-three puzzle battle game allows players to complete campaigns based on Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Elsewhere, 4:33 Creative Lab and ActionSquare released the hack-n-slash RPG Blade: Sword of Elysion on iOS in the West, following the game’s successful release in Korea.

Finally, Gameloft released the sequel to its popular Order & Chaos MMORPG. Order & Chaos 2: Redemption is another MMORPG, which allows players to create a character by choosing from five races and five classes before completing hundreds of quests while interacting with friends and other players.

Are you looking for something different to play? Here’s a look at some additional games released this week.

Deer Hunter 2016 (Free on iOS, Android) – The latest installment in Glu Mobile’s hunting game franchise, Deer Hunter 2016 sees players travel around the world to complete hunting missions using a variety of weapons, including rifles and shotguns, as examples. Players can upgrade their guns to increase their power, stability and more, and will have access to tools like an infrared view while hunting.

Auctioneer (Free on iOS) – An observation-testing game from Cherrypick Games, Auctioneer challenges players to sell each item at an auction for the highest price by tapping on the largest bid amount in each group of bids. To be specific, an increasing number of bids appears each time a new bid is placed, and players must tap on the largest number to continue the bidding and drive the item’s price higher. Players earn up to three coins after each game, depending on the item’s sale price, with coins being used to unlock new auctioneers.

Stranded: Mars One (Free on iOS) – From publisher Deep Silver Fishlabs and developers Tama Games and Mutant Games, Stranded: Mars One is a level-based running game, challenging players to help an astronaut survive on Mars by reaching an escape vehicle before running out of oxygen on each stage. The astronaut runs across the screen automatically, leaving players to tap to jump, activate their jetpack, slide under obstacles and more. Oxygen also depletes automatically while running, so players need to look for oxygen tanks scattered along the running path. In addition to oxygen tanks, players can collect nuts, a currency used to purchase upgrades for the astronaut, or new spacesuits with better stats. Players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their performance. Stranded: Mars One is coming soon to Android.

Rush Hour: Subway Sliders (Free on iOS) – From developer VIM Digital and publisher Thumbspire, Rush Hour: Subway Sliders is a endless survival game, challenging players to fill subway trains with passengers by swiping to slide each passenger into the train. As each train is filled, future trains may have differently sized doors, or doors in different positions, while the train station itself may have obstacles which complicate some passengers’ paths to the train. Players fill trains until they run out of time, with special clock ‘passengers’ giving players bonus time. Coin ‘passengers’ are also available, but players aren’t required to collect these coins or clocks to actually advance. As players collect coins, they can be spent on prize packages containing new passenger types. New passenger types can also be purchased instantly with real money.

Downton Abbey: Mysteries of the Manor (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – Based on the Downton Abbey television series, this hidden object game from Activision Publishing challenges players to solve the case of a break-in at the Crawley family estate. Players will search for the family’s missing items in each room of the estate, and will have access to multiple hints for finding lost items. Gamers progress through a quest system, and are limited in their gameplay by an energy system, with energy required to access each scene. In addition, players may need to craft items to progress, with crafting recipes taking time to finish. Players can skip the game’s waiting times, or purchase additional energy, with premium currency.

Marble Duel (Free on Android) – From HeroCraft, this match-three puzzle battle game resembles titles like Luxor, in that players shoot marbles at strands of colored marbles on the screen, with the goal of creating groups of three or more matching marbles to remove them from the strand. As a turn-based competitive experience, players work to make matches with particular colors of marbles to damage their opponent, while the enemy does the same. As players complete levels, they can upgrade their character’s skills. Marble Duel was previously released on iOS.

9 Clues 2: The Ward (Free to try, $2.99 full game unlock on Android, Amazon) – After releasing the game on iOS earlier this year, G5 Entertainment has brought this hidden object adventure game to new platforms. Developed by Artifex Mundi, the game takes players to the 1950s, where they’ll investigate a murder inside an insane asylum. The game contains 42 locations to explore, 18 mini-games to play and 19 achievements to unlock. Players can choose from three difficulty settings to suit their play style. After September 18, the full game unlock price for 9 Clues 2: The Ward will increase to $4.99.

Sundown: Boogie Frights (Free on iOS, Android) – From Chillingo, Sundown: Boogie Frights is a city-building and tower defense game set in the summer of 1978. Players must defend their town from a zombie outbreak by constructing buildings in a maze style to confuse their enemies. When zombies approach, players can tap on the screen to fire their cannon at enemies, with special buildings like a donut shop or disco distracting the zombies and giving players more time to defend their town hall. Players can complete single-player rescue missions to add survivors to their town, and can create their own army of specialized zombies to raid other players’ towns and earn extra resources.

Polar Pop Mania

Polar Pop Mania (Free on iOS, Android) – A bubble shooter from Storm8, Polar Pop Mania asks players to help Cecilia the Seal rescue her babies across more than 100 levels at launch. In each stage, players have a limited number of shots to rescue Cecilia’s babies (which are trapped in bubbles), and can clear bubbles by shooting at formations to create groups of three or more bubbles of the same color. As players progress, they’ll unlock boosts which can help them complete tricky stages. Gamers earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their final score, and can compare their scores with those of their Facebook friends on level-specific leaderboards.

Celestia: Broken Sky (Free on iOS) – Following the game’s release on Android devices, this ‘cosmic RPG’ from ZQGame Global is now available for iOS gamers. The game takes players to a world where a great cataclysm has shattered the world into thousands of pieces, which are now ruled by evil creatures. Players will travel to each land mass and will take control of the land by defeating its rulers. The game features turn-based combat, with players defeating and collecting enemies to join their own party. Outside of the story-based campaign, players can compete in multiple game modes, including an infinity tower, guild raids and a challenge mode.

Texas Word'Em

Texas Word’Em (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From Lizard Attack, Texas Word’Em is a mix of poker and the classic game of Password. Players work to guess up to 10 words in each round using the least number of clue cards. Like a game of Password, each word is paired with five descriptive words and an overall category. The word ‘pizza,’ for instance, would be in the Food category, and would be accompanied by words like ‘dough’ and ‘topping.’ Each word has an individual time limit, but players can skip tough words and come back to them later, if there’s time on the clock. As players correctly guess words, they earn chips from their opponent, with the game offering both single-player and asynchronous multiplayer games against friends or random opponents. A special Hot Sauce mechanic gives players the chance to win four times more chips in a game, but if they lose, the opponent takes this Hot Sauce away. Players are eligible to receive free Hot Sauce every Monday.


Sky (Free on iOS, Android) – From Ketchapp and Buildbox, Sky is a procedurally generated title, asking players to tap or double tap on the screen to help one or more shapes jump over obstacles and continue on the path. While players begin each game with a single shape, this shape will split into multiple individual characters when it travels through a green cone. During these instances, players will need to keep track of multiple lines and keep at least one shape safe to progress. When players have multiple shapes on the screen, it’s also possible for these to fuse back into a single character if they hit certain fusion points on the line. Players earn coins automatically during each game, which can be spent on different character shapes in the game’s store.

Zeroes (Free on Android) – A math-themed puzzle game from developer Petr Marek, Zeroes challenges players to turn the numbers on white circles to zero by dragging additional number blocks, which connect and affect these dots, to the board. For instance, if two white dots have the number ‘2’ on them, players could connect them with a ‘-2’ block, which turns both twos to zeroes. Blocks may contain more than one number, and will include addition, division and multiplication, as well as subtraction. Since equations are resolved upon each block placement, gamers may need to use more than one block to turn a single dot to zero.

MMA Manager ($1.99 on Android) – Following the game’s release on iOS, Bit By Bit Games has released its MMA management simulation game on Android devices. The game allows players to manage their own gym and help a fighting team progress through the ranks to world champions. Players can recruit fighters from multiple weight classes and hire coaches to train them, and can upgrade their gym to help their fighters succeed. Players can book fights for their fighters, and may need to deal with issues like missing weight before a fight, injuries and more.

Stick Squad 4: Sniper’s Eye (Free on iOS) – Following the game’s Android release earlier this year, Brutal Studio has released the latest installment in the Stick Squad franchise on iOS devices. The game challenges players to complete missions across 20 new maps, using a variety of upgradeable weapons including sniper rifles, assault weapons and handguns. Once players complete each mission, they can go back to cleared locations and complete stages again, but with different objectives (there are three objectives available for each mission). Gamers can unlock a variety of achievements as they progress.

Full Pipe ($4.99 on Android) – A point-and-click adventure game from Absolutist Games, Full Pipe stars Dude, an ‘odd character’ who discovers a hatch beneath his bed which leads him to an underground adventure, featuring 38 locations to explore and 50 characters to meet. Full Pipe was originally released on PC in 2003, with this mobile version offering a step-by-step hint system to prevent players from becoming stuck.