Lindsay Lohan Has Her Facebook Account Disabled

Lindsay Lohan, the popular Hollywood actress, has suffered a painful experience, her Facebook account has been shut down. Ironically enough, Lohan posts about her experience on her MySpace blog. In her post, Lohan expresses her frustration with Facebook who lets numerous fake Lindsay Lohan accounts flourish but has decided to shut down her real account after it had been hacked, or so she claims. Lohan continues with the real reason that she wrote the blog post on her MySpace blog:

maybe i am just venting, but i am also writing this blog in hopes that the people at facebook will un-disable my account and allow me to sign in the EXACT same way it was, same friends, same emails, same “pets” and so on..

phew! i’m glad i got that off my chest, i needed to let it out somewhere, and myspace has always been the best place for me to do it, especially if i hope for something to change….

So for those of you at Facebook that can re-enable her account, help her out. Oh an you might want to remove the countless fake Lindsay Lohan profiles.