Lessons Learned From Iconic Female Inventors and Tech Aficionados

And what today’s tech-savvy women in marketing can glean from them

two images; the image on the left depicts a women posing in a black dress; on the right poses a women in a elaborate gown, she looks like a queen
Hedy Lamarr and Ada Lovelace both helped set the stage for women interested in tech. Getty Images

The tech industry is massive, with tech revenue expected to reach a record-breaking $398 billion in 2019. Without the accomplishments of women like Ada Lovelace, Hedy Lamarr and Sophie Wilson, however, the tech industry wouldn’t be what it is today. These women defied societal norms, pursued their real interests and created inventions that changed the course of tech history.

@Tapad Preethy Vaidyanathan is the head of strategic initiatives and PMO based in Tapad's New York office.