Keurig Backs Down After Customer Outrage

Keurig CEO Bob Gamgort decided Monday the single-serve coffee machine maker had no grounds to wade into politics. On Nov. 11, the company announced on Twitter that it had stopped airing its ad during “Hannity,” a Fox talk show.
Keurig and other advertisers pulled ads due to show host Sean Hannity’s coverage of a politician accused of sexual assault against a minor. Keurig, however, announced the decision on Twitter, which enraged show fans enough that they created videos of themselves destroying their coffee makers. Then they posted the videos on social media with the tags #BoycottKeurig #KeurigSmashChallenge.
As of Monday afternoon, Keurig’s tweet to “Donna” (@dtcav) about pulling the ad remained on @Keurig.
However, the sentiment did not remain with Keurig.
The Washington Times reports on Monday: