Justin.TV Provides Streaming Services For Your Facebook Page

Apparently the people at Justin.tv think it’s nuts to charge money for a service so last night they introduced the “Live” application, which lets Facebook Page administrators instantly create a tab with streaming video. The new application is straight forward to use and includes Facebook’s live stream box on the side to enable viewers to communicate while watching. In essence it duplicates what Justin.tv and Ustream.tv already provide on their destination sites.

To get set up, all you need to do is install the application and then configure for broadcasting. Once configured, your Facebook Page will have a “Watch” tab which enables users to watch the video of the moment. While the application doesn’t provide archived versions of videos, it’s a great tool for those that want to live stream events, or just stream conversations with fans. One thing that doesn’t appear to be a feature yet is the ability to publish live streams to the feed.