Introducing Chatville for Facebook: One Part Chat Roulette, One Part Farmville

Strangely enough, one of the most ‘social’ experiences you can have on the web right now is to log on to ChatRoulette and meet a random stranger. Well, the creators of popular IM software Digsby have taken that idea, and combined it with Farmville to produce the Chatville social game for Facebook. In short, the game lets you video chat with random Facebook users and earn ‘compliments’, unlocking achievements and leveling up through positive experiences with others. The idea is pretty smart, and the branding, easy UI and more may help this game explode into a sensation.

The ‘game’ is pretty much just talking to people and then giving them achievements (whether you like them or not), but it is truly social in the sense that you have to talk to people! I can see people really trying to ask others to do funny things to get achievements, but my experience was definitely not like that!