Balancing Quality and Quantity: 3 Tips for Social Advertising Creative

Only 10 short years ago, most agencies would sneer at the thought of investment in social marketing. Industry stalwarts would much rather funnel $100k into an eye-catching TV campaign than place that money behind a Facebook video. But things have changed, and social advertising creative is at the forefront of many campaigns.
By the end of 2016, over 2.8 billion people were using social media, and that number has only grown. We’re not simply watching television anymore, and brands are taking notice. Just a few months ago, Adidas turned its back on TV commercials, focusing instead on online strategy with a $4.25 billion target.
Brands that invest in high-quality, high volume images and video — developed specifically for social media — are going to stand out. So how can creatives maintain Premium Social standards, especially when working to a lower budget?