How Johnson & Johnson's BabyCenter Thinks Local by Going Global

The average pregnancy in France lasts 41 weeks; the global average is 40 weeks. It's a small difference, but enough of a nuance for online parenting site BabyCenter to spin out an additional week's worth of content to its French site. Since the Johnson & Johnson-owned site claims to reach 40 million moms across 14 countries, BabyCenter's editorial and tech teams craft unique content to target each of its markets. Shaping the editorial strategy for local markets requires firsthand knowledge from someone in touch with the zeitgeist of the place at hand, noted Linda Murray, svp, global editor in chief. "It's important to have someone in the country and a native speaker who understands the mindset of the market and the very practical differences of health systems, legal systems, culture and tradition," she said. Here's how BabyCenter tailors some of its editorial content and advertising across nine regions of the world.