Here Are 7 Stats That Show How Super Bowl Viewers Will Use Second Screens

73% will use devices in addition to TV

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CBS is expected to draw nearly 190 million viewers for its Super Bowl 50 telecast. Many of those viewers will have second-screen experiences, peeking at their smartphones and tablets to check out real-time chatter on their social media feeds.

A new study from Salesforce Research surveyed 1,082 adults to find out exactly how viewers plan to use their devices during the Big Game, and here are some of the more telling findings:

1. The new normal
Salesforce Research found that 73 percent of viewers plan to use at least one device in addition to a TV to take in the Big Game. 

2. Phones catching up to TVs
Nearly as many viewers will use smartphones (82 percent) as TVs (84 percent). Those numbers bode well for brands planning to use digital marketing in place of $5 million Super Bowl spots.

3. Young and mobile
Eighty-nine percent of viewers ages 18 to 24 plan to use a smartphone during the game compared to the 86 percent who will use a TV. In other words, 3 percent of young adults plan to experience the Super Bowl without the tube (unless it's YouTube, that is).

4. Super social
Twenty-three percent of those surveyed will use more than one social channel while the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. Of those who plan to use only one social channel, 48 percent will use Facebook, a fairly sharp decline from last year when that number was 66 percent. Twelve percent will focus their attention on Twitter, and 8 percent will do the same via YouTube.

5. Ladies versus gents
Female Super Bowl viewers are 1.3 times more likely than the guys to use Facebook while watching the game (72 percent and 58 percent, respectively). Twenty-nine percent of men plan to use Twitter, while women will divvy up their time among Twitter (21 percent), Instagram (20 percent) and Snapchat (17 percent).

In other words, Facebook still reigns supreme, though the social landscape is growing more diverse. Brands can no longer simply have a presence on Facebook and Twitter and consider that a social strategy.

6. Halftime may be 'Snap time'
Twice as many viewers ages 18 to 24 (31 percent) will use Snapchat during the Super Bowl compared with all other age groups. Snapchat is only behind Facebook in this age group, with 61 percent saying they'll use Facebook during Super Bowl 50.

7. Instagram will have an impact, too
Gen Y consumers will also look to get their Instagram games on during the Super Bowl. Among those between 18 and 34, 21 percent will use the pictures-and-videos platform during the game. In the 18-to-24 bracket, 23 percent said they'll use Instagram.

At the older end of the spectrum, 9 percent of participants ages 35 to 44 will use Instagram, while 11 percent of those 45 to 54 plan to do so.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.