Google's Social Push Accelerates Tomorrow With Gmail Social Stream

While Google has been strategizing ways to fend off the Facebook threat for the past couple years, the company has been accelerating efforts in recent weeks. The company began recruiting a number of social web advocates including Chris Messina, Will Norris, and most recently Joseph Smarr who previously worked for Plaxo to create a new “Social Web Team” . Tomorrow, it is expected that Google will take things one step further by launching a social stream within Gmail according to the Wall Street Journal.

Google has made a number of attempts to “out open” Facebook including OpenSocial, Google Friend Connect, and a number of other initiatives. All of those initiatives have not been met with incredible success, although some of the Google Friend Connect widgets are now on “millions” of sites. While Google had reportedly stated that Gmail would be a central component of the company’s war against Facebook, the timetable was much longer than we would have expected.