FYI: iPad Connector Can Power M-Audio Keyboard. Want GarageBand for iPad

I’ve learned about two products that lets guitarists use an iPhone or iPad for effects in the past month.

An iPhone, Electric Guitar, & $30 Can Add Up to a Lot of Fun: Griffin GuitarConnect Cable

AmpliTube iRig Brings iPad/iPhone: More Real World Music Interface

This got me thinking about what I’d really like to see on the iPad: I want GarargeBand for iPad! The various virtual piano keyboard apps for the iPad are fine. But, wouldn’t it be better to have the ability to attach a USB music keyboard controller to an iPad? Here’s what’s in the photo above:

– iPad
– M-Audio KeyRig 25
– USB A-to-B cable
– Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit USB connector

This combination doesn’t actually let me do anything. However, note that the KeyRig 25 keyboard gets enough power from the iPad 30-pin connector/USB adapter to turn on and light up. This indicates that supplying external power to the iPad should be enough to power both devices.

So, Apple, could you please deliver GarageBand for iPad (perhaps part of iLife for iPad) ASAP? Thanks!