Are Foursquare Swarm Parties Cooler than Facebook Cocktail Parties?

Facebook has been host to a number of underground “Cocktail Parties” in Europe for the past several months, but it looks like Fousquare Swarm Parties might just be the next coolest thing. Getting together for the sole purpose of unlocking the Swarm badge on Foursquare might not sound like much of a party, but consider that the Swarm badge requires at least 50 check-ins within a one-hour period, and you’ve got the crowd, if not the party spirit. Want to be part of a Swarm party? Read on for details about what it is, who’s doing it, and why it matters.

Swarm parties are held with the goal of unlocking the Swarm badge at a particular location. They’re great for businesses, who get to show off their social media savvy by encouraging a still-indie Foursquare movement. And they could be a lot of fun for customers, too, who like to be rewarded for their loyalty. If the energy is right, the results of a successful Swarm party could mean a boost in sales the day-of, and increased visibility for the business and an expanded customer base in the long-term.