Film It Yourself Lets Music Fans Collaboratively Document The Concert Experience

Countless numbers of people make videos of live concerts on their mobile phones, but what if these videos could be compiled into one collaborative clip, documenting the full concert experience? This is what Dutch multimedia platform 3VOOR12 is asking with a cool project called ‘Film It Yourself.’ FIY has been collecting pieces of concerts shot on mobile phones and posted to YouTube and editing together along with professional audio recordings of the concerts. FIY is offering a whole new way to experience concert recordings on the web.

FIY recently launched an iPhone app to give more concertgoers the opportunity to shoot and share their concert video footage. The 3VOOR12 and FIY website is in Dutch, but according to Aldi Souripet of ViralBlog, FIY’s creator Ron van der Sterren has “already made more tan 15 registrations of concerts by using video footage of videos without the iPhone app. For a one hour concert and the input of 15 people, it takes approximately two whole days of editing to get everything in sync without the application.” However, the iPhone app will make the process a whole lot smoother and more efficient, as users will synchronize their clocks and geo-location to share their footage, simultaneously, in synch with the recorded music.