Facebook is Top Brand on Facebook. Twitter on Twitter. Fan Page List Tells the Rest of the Story.

Some celebrities will get more new Facebook fans or Twitter followers today than you or I might acquire in our lifetimes. Checking out the dynamically changing standings of these celebs on Fan Page List – along with the rankings of brands, athletes, TV shows and more – can be as entertaining as the ranked pages themselves. With a wide variety of ways to sort and the just-introduced profile pages, this site serves those obsessed with fame as well as it helps to settle late night bar bets.

Fan Page List started out as a categorized list of Facebook page popularity just a few months ago. From the inception, categories were broken down, so one can explore sports teams by league, brands by industry sector, etc. Counts of Twitter followers were incorporated, followed by Klout scores of Twitter influence based on over 25 variables. The result is that for each category and sub-category, one can see and sort pages by Facebook fans and Twitter followers – both individually and together – along with the increase in Facebook fans in the past day and Klout.

Just today, the site is introducing profile pages that pack statistics, links, sharing options, recent Facebook posts and Twitter feeds. As is with the rest of the site, profile pages are dense without being cluttered. In addition, popular article tabs are provided for news sites that display their most liked articles on Facebook.

The developers of Fan Page List told Social Times their intent is to help existing Facebook and Twitter users discover new pages and new facts about people or products with which they already have connections. Those not on Facebook or Twitter have an easy way to lurk without joining those platforms. They tell us they are focusing on the top sites and not going for a long tail of data.

Among future features promised are search, YouTube channels, improved categories and summaries of standings. Started as a pet project when the latest Facebook API was introduced at f8 in April, the site now has a revenue model that includes banner advertising, featured user placements and category sponsorships.

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