College Offers Facebook Sociology Course

As a student, I was always amazed by the abilities of students to simultaneously “pay attention” and browse Facebook, but a new course from Bowdoin College in Maine brings Facebook into the course load. Entitled “In the Facebook Age”, the course analyzes sociological concepts and applies them to the emerging phenomena of Facebook and other social networks. The course itself is fluid, and its material responds to the changes that occur every day in the social sphere.

Dhiraj Murthy, professor of sociology at Bowdoin college stated that “It’s a constantly evolving organism,” said Murthy, and “a symbiotic relationship between my students and me.” The school paper, the Bowdoin Orient, reported that classes covered topics ranging from “internet privacy, to the persistence of information put online, to the opposing forces of risk and opportunity.” The class interacts with many different types of media, including Youtube videos, blogs and even ChatRoulette.