Facebook Now Responsible For Majority Of Web Portal Traffic

If you’re wondering why Google recently declared war on Facebook with Google Buzz, a look at sources of Web traffic for some of the large portal websites might hold the answer. According to a report by Compete Inc., Web portal sites such as Yahoo, MSN and AOL are getting more traffic from social media sites than search engines. In particular, Facebook has outstripped Google Search as the top source of traffic to web portals.

According to Compete’s data, 15% of Web traffic to Yahoo, MSN and AOL in Dec 2009 originated from Facebook and MySpace. That 15% was split 13% for Facebook and 2% for MySpace. Surprisingly, Google only provided 7% of traffic, and were even beat out by eBay with 7.61%. [source: SF Gate] For Google, who have enjoyed widespread domination online for several years (and still do in certain search categories), this must have been a wake up call. Web browsing is now affected by the recommendations of “friends” in various social networks such as Facebook. Similar findings by comSCOR suggest that 25% of U.S. Web traffic originates the top social networking sites collectively [source: Blogging Stocks].