Facebook NPE Team Lays E.gg Out There for All iOS Users in the US

The experimental app was initially revealed in July as a nod to the ‘early Interwebz’

E.gg was inspired by the raw and exploratory spirit of the early internet Facebook NPE Team

The E.gg experimental iOS application first introduced by the Facebook NPE Team in July is now available to everyone in the U.S. via the iTunes App Store.

E.gg enables users to incorporate bits—GIFs, images, shapes and text—into freeform canvases and share them anywhere on the web, via unique URLs that can be viewed without downloading the app.

Other users’ creations can be browsed via E.gg, and bits from them can be added to the browsing user’s creation, with attribution. The reverse is true, as well.

Bits are linked between pages so that users can see how other users are incorporating the same elements.

Facebook NPE Team

Facebook NPE Team

Product lead Vicki Chang shared examples of creations from early testers of E.gg, including collages. fan pages, guides, profiles, recipes and tributes.

She wrote in a blog post Wednesday, “E.gg was inspired by the raw and exploratory spirit of the early internet: manically-blinking GIFs, passionate guestbook entries and personal web pages devoted to niche interests. At the time, you could easily create pages that uniquely represented you. There was something to that atmosphere that was weird and wonderful. Enter, E.gg.”

Her comments echoed those of Facebook NPE Team director of product management Jason Toff when he introduced E.gg via a series of tweets in July.

He called the app “an experimental new platform for weird and wonderful expressions of who you are and what you love,” adding, “E.gg lets you create and share ‘canvases’—free form, collage-y pages with whatever you want on them. E.gg was inspired by the raw and exploratory spirit of the early Interwebz. We stopped short of auto-playing MIDIs (for now), but the feeling should be familiar.”

E.gg can be downloaded by iOS users in the U.S. via the iTunes App Store, and content created with the app can be viewed here or on this Instagram account.

Facebook NPE Team

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