Facebook Continued Its Efforts to Help People Understand Why Specific Ads Are Served to Them

The social network’s ‘Why am I seeing this ad?’ and Ad Preferences tools were updated

Facebook added more information when users ask, “Why am I seeing this ad?

Product manager Sreethu Thulasi revealed in a Newsroom post that people on Facebook who used its tools to investigate why specific ads were being to served to them will now see more detailed information on targeting, including the interests or categories that were used to match them to that ad.

The source of that information will be made clearer, as well, such as if that person visited a specific website or liked a page, and people will be directed to controls that they can use to customize their experience on the social network.

The Why am I seeing this ad tool already provided information on demographics that were used to match people and ads, as well as website visits that did the same.

More information about businesses that upload lists to Facebook containing users’ personal information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, was added to Facebook’s Ad Preferences tool.

A new tab in Ad Preferences will provide access to two sections.

The first provides information on advertisers that uploaded a list with a person’s information and used that list to run at least one ad in the past seven days. Thulasi offered the example of a fitness studio uploading a list of client emails and using it to craft ads.

And the second provides details on third-party businesses that uploaded and shared a list with a person’s information, such as which businesses uploaded the list and advertisers that used that list to serve that person ads within the past 90 days.

Thulasi said the changes were made as a response to feedback from users that Facebook’s tools can still be difficult to understand and navigate, adding, “We’re continuing to work to make ads more transparent and easier for you to control.”