Delvv Launches Defumblr Smart Lock Screen for Android

Defumblr was designed to give users quick access to their most important information and frequently used apps from their device's lock screen.

Developer Delvv has announced the launch of Defumblr, its smart lock screen for Android devices. Powered by machine learning, Defumblr was designed to give users quick access to their most important information and frequently used apps from their device’s lock screen.

The Defumblr lock screen organizes content into widgets, which are presented as colored circles on the Android lock screen. There are 17 customizable widgets available at launch, like a messaging widget, which allows users to view and reply to calls, texts and emails without unlocking their device.

In addition to this messaging widget, Defumblr offers widgets for a user’s to-do list and calendar, as examples, as well as content like breaking news and location-based recommendations for categories like shopping, gas stations and more. Defumblr also offers one-swipe access for a user’s most used, ‘or contextually appropriate’ apps.

Defumblr attempts to prioritize content on the lock screen based on usage patterns, context and more. For instance, Delvv said if a user loads the same app at the same time each day, Defumblr will place the app in the Quick Apps widget on the lock screen at that time of day. Similarly, if users have an upcoming appointment on their calendar, the calendar widget will become larger as the appointment approaches to help it stand out.

Furthermore, Defumblr allows users to create new calendar events based on messages they receive. For example, if a user receives a text message inviting them to lunch, Defumblr will allow the user to tap a button to add the event to their calendar.

In a statement, Felice Miller Gabriel, founder and president of Delvv, commented:

Defumblr makes smart associations across your digital life so that we can anticipate what you need before you do. You need important information to reach you, but you don’t need to drown in a flood of irrelevant information. Defumblr strikes a healthy balance based on your habits. It’s about improving the quality of your digital life.

Defumblr is available to download for free on Google Play.