Branded Content: Possibilities, Pitfalls, and Predictions

A seismic shift happened in the 2010s: Platforms took control of audiences away from publishers and brands. The result is the need to pay-to-play, which comes with a host of challenges. Brands need to find ways to efficiently expand their reach, while publishers need to create sustainable revenue streams that don’t fully rely on volatile organic traffic sources.

Inbar Yagur is the Head of Product Marketing for Keywee, a leading provider of AI-driven content distribution for 100s of publishers, including Conde Nast, National Geographic, Gannet, and many more. Founded in 2013, Keywee helps publishers increase their revenue by supporting paid distribution for any business goal, from audience development to affiliate content. Inbar is a mother of two, a hopeless Harry Potter and Dr. Who fan, and a reciter of 90's SNL skits.