Bill Murray Has No Agent or Publicist and Refuses to ‘Google People’

It's Bill Murray bitch

That’s what we took from this slightly crazy Wall Street Journal story about the notoriously reclusive actor — and indie director Ted Melfie’s somehow successful attempts to get him to star in an upcoming movie. Here’s the key excerpt:

“[Murray] doesn’t have an agent, publicist or manager. He has an 800 phone number. After writing the script and daring to dream, Mr. Melfi got the 800 number from Fred Roos, a longtime producer (and casting director on The Godfather and Five Easy Pieces) whom he’d met when he was directing commercials. Mr. Roos had worked with Mr. Murray on Lost in Translation, and had other ways to contact him, but he only gave up the 800 number.”

In short, Murray is insanely protective of his own privacy.

After leaving voicemails at the number for more than two months, Melfi got a call from Murray’s lawyer, who instructed him to mail a one-page letter to a post office box in upstate New York. Then he sent copies of the script for his film to South Carolina and Martha’s Vineyard before receiving a phone call from Murray himself. The rest, as they say…involves grilled cheese sandwiches from In-N-Out Burger.

Some other interesting facts about Murray, who will always be Peter Venkman, Ph.D. to us…

  • He has a beach house somewhere on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina (which is really quite a beautiful place, not that we could ever afford to live there).
  • He apparently spent some time in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2008 “party-hopping” with “they were big once” rock band MGMT.
  • His former country home in New York’s Palisades had a swimming pool complete with the logo of his favorite sports team…the Chicago Cubs.
  • He was arrested in 1970 (on his 20th birthday, no less) for trying to smuggle approximately ten pounds of marijuana through Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Whatever. Groundhog Day was a great movie. RZA and GZA agree.

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