Announcing the Facebook Quarterly Business Review – a New Report Tracking Facebook’s Business in Detail

We at Inside Network have been committed to understanding Facebook’s growth from its earliest days because of its extraordinary growth and potential to change the way we socialize and interact online. To further this understanding of the Facebook ecosystem, today we are proud to announce a new report on tracking Facebook’s financial growth and corporate strategy, the Facebook Quarterly Business Review, Q1 2010 Edition.

The Facebook Quarterly Business Review examines every major business change and development affecting Facebook from Q4 2009 through Q1 2010, and is only available through Inside Facebook Gold, our new data and analysis membership service specifically dedicated to tracking Facebook’s business and growth around the world.

Facebook is becoming one of the great Internet companies of our time. Whereas many companies have tried to emulate Facebook’s success, or challenge it in one geography or another, Facebook has proven that the core asset on which all of its services are built – the social graph – is much more defensible and powerful than many others once anticipated.

In 2004, Facebook started as a simple place to build your online identity and communicate with friends. In 2007, it started sharing Facebook identity and connections with application developers with the launch of the Facebook Platform. It opened those up further to the rest of the Internet – and any connected device – with the launch of Facebook Connect in 2008. In 2009, the company saw unprecedented growth – from 150 million users in January to 350 million users in December – largely driven by its mobile and international initiatives.

Where will Facebook go next?

As we enter the second quarter of 2010, Facebook stands in a unique position at the intersection of online identity and content distribution. Social media is living up to the hype by driving more traffic than search to many publishers, and developers of new virtual goods businesses are finding social platforms the best place to connect with hundreds of millions of direct-paying customers. At the same time, Facebook’s own in-house advertising platform – powered by the deep, generic identity that Facebook has built and protected for so long – is beginning to come into its own.

The purpose of the Facebook Quarterly Business Review is to bring readers up to speed on every aspect of Facebook’s business through the fourth quarter of 2009 and the first quarter of 2010.

The Facebook Quarterly Business Review is available as a part of your membership to Inside Facebook Gold. To join Inside Facebook Gold, and download the Facebook Quarterly Business Review, click here.

The full table of contents is below: