Amazon's Bezos Blasts Donald Trump Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has publicly spoken out against Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump in the past. He did so again a couple of weeks ago at Vanity Fair’s 2016 New Establishment Summit in San Francisco, where Bezos was honored for his role in innovation. Bezos took aim at Trump’s handling of the media, and views the candidate’s behavior as a potential threat to our country’s democracy. “To try and chill the media and threaten retribution and retaliation, which is what he’s done in a number of cases, it just isn’t appropriate,” Bezos said. “We have freedom of speech in this country, it’s written into the Constitution. There are a bunch of nations that have written constitutions that they don’t pay any attention to. It’s inappropriate for a presidential candidate to erode that around the edges. They should be trying to burnish it instead of eroding it.”