6 Ways to Integrate Live Streaming Into Your Marketing Strategies

Twitch is becoming one of the most popular platforms for influencers

Twitch is a massive global live streaming platform and is quickly becoming one of the most effective influencer marketing platforms. Live streaming is the amalgamation of TV, digital, social, influencer and podcast marketing, providing marketers with a dizzying array of options. 

There are two unique benefits of working with streamers on Twitch that provide more impact and response than other social influencer campaigns. To start, they offer brands access to hours of viewers’ attention. Streaming sessions are typically between two and five hours long, with the average viewer watching for 20–60 minutes at a time several times a week. Sponsor activations on Twitch enable a high share of voice and hours of attention with tastefully integrated messaging and a persistent call to action. The second unique benefit is the interactive nature of the platform and real-time engagement via chat, which is often as engaging as the stream itself.

Viewers communicate with each other and directly with the streamer, often tipping and subscribing to earn public acknowledgment and to build a relationship with the streamer. Brands can seamlessly weave into the experience with giveaways, promotions and viewer perks all while seeing reactions and engagement in real time.

There are more than 2 million streamers on Twitch that produce nearly 1 billion hours of content a month. That said, roughly 90 percent of views can be attributed to approximately the top 5,000 streamers. To maximize your budget and return, consider the following when selecting streamers to partner with.

Brands can seamlessly weave into the experience with giveaways, promotions and viewer perks all while seeing reactions and engagement in real time.

More than just megastars

It is often more effective to partner with 30 streamers whose combined audience is greater than one megastar. The viewers of smaller channels are loyal, engaged and more likely to respond to your call to action. With this approach, you cast a wider net across the platform and see that share of voice, unique reach, campaign duration and performance all go up. 

Seek out the professionals

Work with streamers that have the tools, formats and wherewithal to showcase your brand assets with consistency and accountability. For many, streaming is a full-time job, so seek out those who take a sophisticated approach to partnering with brands. 

There’s nuance in targeting, but don’t overthink it

While you can certainly work with streamers based on their content category and the geographical makeup of their audience, Twitch is a global platform designed for mass scale and reach. Embrace the opportunity to go wide with your message across this entire demographic of Gen X and millennial viewers.

Live streaming offers everything from banner ads to co-viewing experiences and custom content creation. With so many options, it can be daunting to determine how to allocate budget and define metrics for success. Here are tips to consider when getting started with a live streaming campaign.

Think beyond traditional CPM 

The best way to work with streamers is a flat rate stream sponsorship based around various factors, including the total number of views, viewers, concurrent viewers, hours on screen, duration of sponsorship and audience engagement levels. Within this context, also consider how your messaging will be displayed via ad formats, graphics and chat commands.

Let them be themselves

You want to provide some guidance on your desired messaging but resist the urge to micro-manage. The bond between the streamer and their audience is the key to marketing effectiveness. You’ve selected streamers that naturally align with your brand, so let them be themselves when talking about it in their streams.

Frequency is your friend

Marketing on Twitch is about building trust and fostering relationships with viewers by supporting their favorite streamers. Be consistent and nurture those relationships over time. Extending sponsorship campaigns over weeks and months ensures the right mix of reach and frequency to be memorable and effective.

Live streaming is getting more and more popular, and the business of brand advertising and stream sponsorships is starting to mature. Now is the time for brands to test, learn and embrace live streaming as a global marketing channel.