YouTube Gets CMOs and Creators to Talk Shop

New video series CMO x Creator Conversations debuts Friday

Procter & Gamble CBO Marc Pritchard and Marques Brownlee YouTube

YouTube kicked off a new video series Friday, CMO x Creator Conversations, which features one-on-one conversations between chief marketing officers/chief business officers and creators on the Google-owned video site.

The aim is to enable participants to tap into each other’s unique insights and skills, exchange advice and share thought leadership.

CMO x Creator Conversations debuted with three videos:

YouTube said the discussion between Pritchard and Brownlee provides unique perspectives on how important trust and authenticity are to today’s audiences, whether regarding a review of a new gadget or talking about cleaning products to billions of people worldwide.

Pritchard said in a statement, “It was energizing to have a conversation with Marques Brownlee as part of the launch of the CMO x Creator Conversations video series. We had a great exchange of ideas on how to build trust with the people we serve, how to build authentic brands and how innovation and tech can build brands while making the world a better place. I’m looking forward to our next connection.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.