Zynga’s Mobile Daily Actives Grow by Tenfold in Less Than a Year to 9.9M in Third Quarter

Zynga said it reached an average 9.9 million daily active users of its games on iOS and Android through the third quarter, according to an amended filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission today.

That figure may make it the company with the second most daily actives relative to any other developer on both platforms. Storm8 said it had 4 million daily actives on iOS and Android in June. Glu Mobile said yesterday that it had 2.1 million daily actives across its network of games in its quarterly earnings call. Rovio Mobile said within the last month that it had 30 million daily active users. 

Also, from another perspective, it means that Zynga is gradually weaning itself off the Facebook platform. Around one-fifth of the company’s daily actives are now on iOS and Android — platforms not operated by Facebook. Keep in mind though, that Zynga’s daily active metric double-counts users who play more than one of the company’s games.

As of the end of September, Zynga had 11 games on both Android and iOS including highly-ranked hits like Zynga Poker and the titles it was able to grow or build through the Newtoy acquisition last year like Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends. Zynga paid $53.3 million in cash and stock for the McKinney, Texas-based company one year ago.

Overall, the company’s total monthly actives across Facebook, Google+ and other platforms fell to 54 million from 59 million in the second quarter, while average bookings per user (or the average amount of virtual currency or goods that users pay for on a daily basis) rose slightly to $0.058 from $0.051. Zynga said it saw a decline in daily actives as its more mature games tapered off and because it had a limited number of new game launches in the first part of this year.

Zynga’s overall revenue rose slightly from the previous quarter to $306.8 million, from $279.1 million in the second quarter. Its net income rose quarter-over-quarter to $12.5 million from $1.39 million. On a year-over-year basis, net income fell by more than half from $27.2 million in the same time a year earlier.