Zynga updates FarmVille, Solstice Arena and more in time for Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, Zynga has updated a selection of its Facebook games with special, limited-edition content. From new animals in FarmVille, to Halloween-themed cooking appliances in ChefVille, Zynga hopes to offer something frightfully fun to everyone this spooky season.

In FarmVille, players can purchase a variety of Halloween themed animals and items. For instance, a players can purchase the half-pony, half-vampire “Vampony,” or a “Bursting Bats Pegacorn,” a pegasus-meets-unicorn that animates with clouds of bats. They can also complete specially themed quests and collect items in a Halloween Countdown. This countdown offers free items each day, so long as players come back to the game and ask their friends to help them receive those prizes.

Over in CoasterVille, players can build a Haunted Sloop and Slide pirate ship, as well as a Halloween version of an octopus ride. These rides are accompanied by multiple limited edition quest series, which see players preparing their theme parks for Halloween visitors.

Image via Zynga

Virtual chefs in ChefVille can complete themed limited edition quests while also building a variety of Halloween-themed cooking appliances and decorations. These include a Halloween Slow Cooker, a Scary Squash Crop, a Ghostly Oven and much more. By cooking themed dishes, players will unlock Ribbons which correspond to free prizes in the game.

In addition to these Facebook updates, Zynga has updated its multiplayer online battle area game Solstice Arena with new Halloween-themed heroes. These include a Vampire Hunter named Artharion, who sports a bandolier of vampire stakes and using a cross-bow, and Halloween Kyra, who wears a witch’s hat and jack-o-lantern mask. The game is available to download on Steam for PC, and on iOS.

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