Zynga Takes the Top Three on This Week’s List of Top Facebook Gainers by DAU

FarmVille, PetVille and Texas HoldEm Poker: between these three games, Zynga has gained as many new daily active users on this week’s AppData list as the remainder of the top ten. All three have enjoyed a significant bump in DAU over the past few days, although not enough to move the needle for Zynga as a whole.

But the growth certainly answers the question a reader put to us last week, as to whether FarmVille has peaked. The short answer is no, although many of Zynga’s biggest games do seem to be on a growth plateau. Part of the problem is that FarmVille and its peers have become so large that even a few million new DAU isn’t necessarily a big deal.

Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. FarmVille 31,620,643 +1,134,429 +3.72
2. PetVille 5,828,407 +929,667 +18.98
3. Texas HoldEm Poker 7,009,693 +490,812 +7.53
4. Zoo Paradise 574,505 +460,385 +403.42
5. Zoo World 2,383,368 +333,692 +16.28
6. Hotel City 357,902 +315,935 +752.82
7. YoVille 2,178,567 +225,570 +11.55
8. Bubble Island 1,019,306 +137,181 +15.55
9. Ameba Pico 135,612 +114,427 +540.13
10. Tiki Resort 822,493 +111,343 +15.66
11. Family Feud 127,812 +103,425 +424.10
12. Ninja Saga 905,202 +91,387 +11.23
13. Country Life 3,125,005 +85,044 +2.80
14. Sorority Life 932,140 +76,740 +8.97
15. Birthday Cards 1,509,405 +70,617 +4.91
16. Restaurant City 3,662,042 +54,506 +1.51
17. My Tribe 47,192 +41,540 +734.96
18. Games 327,095 +39,677 +13.80
19. Wild Ones 409,376 +32,205 +8.54
20. Ninja Warz 238,003 +31,416 +15.21

You may notice that Playdom’s new game Social City is conspicuously missing. Never fear, the city builder hasn’t ceased to grow; the inflated DAU numbers Facebook reported as the game took off after its launch are simply leveling out. Tiki Resort, another new Playdom game, did make it in at number 10.

The pairing at numbers four and five of Zoo Paradise, by CrowdStar, and Zoo World, by RockYou, is somewhat ironic. CrowdStar created Paradise as a challenger to Zoo World, and the game has done fairly well so far. But it has a long way to go to catch up to Zoo World’s 19 million monthly active users and 2.3 million DAU.

Hotel City, the latest game from Electronic Arts subsidiary Playfish, is also coming up quickly, with growth really taking off last Friday. In our review, we found the game to be fun if a bit odd at times, unless you think it’s normal to poke your guests as they sleep.

We’ll finish by pointing out Ameba Pico, a quirky Japanese game focused on tiny avatars. It’s the first significant success for CyberAgent, which previously failed to gain traction with a game called NinjaTrick.