Zynga Launches iPhone Poker Application

This morning Zynga, the leading social gaming company, announced this morning that they have launched their “Live Poker” iPhone application. The company claims that this is the first “live game” on the iPhone, meaning that it’s the first to interact with other players in real-time. I’ve actually played a version of the classic game Connect Four in real-time but perhaps this is the first high-end live game. I’m guessing that they mean this is the first live poker game on the iPhone.

The application lets you play with other players that are actively playing the company’s popular Texas Hold ‘Em game across other social networks including Facebook and MySpace. Also of interest is that this is the first iPhone application to leverage Facebook Connect. The free version of the application, which you can access here, provides you with 1,000 free chips a day.

If you wish to upgrade you can purchase the $10 version of their application and you’ll have 40,000 chips daily. As Erick Schonfeld points out, trying to get any more chips on a daily basis will be challenging since the iPhone platform doesn’t allow for micro-transactions yet. Zynga is the first social gaming company which continues to grow on other platforms while extending on to the iPhone platform.

Social Gaming Network (SGN) has experienced massive success on the iPhone platform but it has appeared to sacrifice their social platform games at the expense of their mobile games. Playfish, the current leader on Facebook (according to Adonomics and Developer Analytics) has yet to expand into the mobile space. When I interviewed Sebastien de Halleux back in August, I asked him about whether or not they planned on expanding on the iPhone.

He said that they were looking into it but didn’t provide anymore details. It’s clear that the social gaming space continues to heat up and Zynga continues to be one of the leading competitors in social gaming.