Zynga launches Hit it Rich Casino Slots on Google Play

Zynga script logo


After a successful launch on Facebook and iOS devices, Zynga has announced the launch of Hit it Rich Casino Slots on Google Play for Android devices. The game offers multiple slot machines for play, with many themed after real world brands, movies and other pop culture items. The game offers slot machines themed after other Zynga products, including FarmVille 2, as well as Duck Dynasty, The Terminator and The Wizard of Oz, among others.

Hit it Rich Casino Slots has over 2.1 million monthly active users on Facebook. In a recent study of 21,000 players, Zynga found almost a third begin each day with the game, at 30 percent. Meanwhile, 31 percent said they play the game in the evening, right before bed. Another 19 percent say they play the game regularly throughout the day, while 14 percent admitted to playing the game at work.

On average, players spin the slots over 40 million times each day, and send over 250,000 gifts to their friends each day. Collectively, the game’s player base spends 70,000 hours in the game everyday.

“By blending the look and feel of real slot machines with iconic entertainment brands and free-to-play, social gaming elements, Hit It Rich delivers consumers an authentic entertainment experience that mirrors the fun people have in real casinos around the world,” said Joe Kaminkow, Chief Game Designer for Hit It Rich. “By bringing this true-to-life slots experience to the Web, iPhone, iPad and now Google Play, consumers now have the freedom to play their favorite branded slots games however and wherever they want.”

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