Zynga Finds Its Next Hit on This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Apps by MAU

You’re no doubt familiar by now with Zynga’s newest game, Treasure Isle. The scavenger-hunt game was released a little over two weeks ago, and immediately took off. Its gain of almost seven million new monthly active users easily places it on top of this week’s list of fastest-gaining Facebook apps by MAU.

The past week suggests a bright future for Treasure Isle. The rapid growth of its userbase means that the game isn’t yet ready to hit a plateau, like the first big success of the year, Playdom’s Social City. And at number 13 now and still moving, Treasure Isle will soon be among Facebook’s top 10 games overall.

Of course, Zynga is still supporting Treasure Isle with a significant marketing effort, which it could reduce at any time. We’ll look at Isle, Hotel City and the other games in more depth over at Inside Social Games. Here’s the AppData top 20 list.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Treasure Isle14,409,959+6,862,487+90.92
2. Hotel City8,663,088+3,990,894+85.42
3. Static FBML55,549,127+1,095,314+2.01
4. LivingSocial1,933,555+977,654+102.28
5. Family Feud1,929,908+968,616+100.76
6. Facebook for iPhone32,431,112+865,325+2.74
7. Zoo Paradise3,852,816+711,269+22.64
8. Mall World881,206+676,705+330.91
9. Tiki Resort5,221,827+523,154+11.13
10. Bubble Island5,724,107+511,541+9.81
11. Your Luck [daily]3,958,837+482,655+13.88
12. Friends Emotions [Emociones de Amigos]3,263,998+452,623+16.10
13. iKarma730,733+422,967+137.43
14. Fish Friends727,350+407,082+127.11
15. Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones16,321,784+353,827+2.22
16. Family Tree5,082,283+253,331+5.25
17. Kingdoms of Camelot1,725,862+207,800+13.69
18. Lover Of The Day1,492,745+200,053+15.48
19. Akinator662,943+197,658+42.48
20. ¡Teclas Machucadas!193,927+179,445+1,239.09

LivingSocial was losing users until recently, but it just began enjoying a large upswing in traffic, for no readily apparent reason. That could mean it has been doing more advertising, a possibility that’s supported by the company’s March raise of $25 million in venture capital. Now that semi-competitor Groupon, a collective buying site, is reportedly being valued at $1 billion, it’s probably reasonable to expect LivingSocial to keep pouring money into expansion.

Facebook for iPhone, which often shows up on these MAU lists, is once again enjoying higher-than usual growth. As we guessed last week, that growth is probably attributable to the massive press attention that Apple received from the iPad’s launch, and a concurrent lift in iPhone sales. Analysts are also predicting a strong quarter for Apple, with high sales numbers for the iPhone.

Your Luck [daily], an app from Appschain in the horoscope category, is getting rather large. Right below it, you can find iKarma, a significantly smaller app by a newer, eponymous developer. But note that iKarma’s new MAU growth is almost equal to Your Luck’s, and is still increasing, so it could someday catch up.