Zynga Expands: Game Cards Come To India, Singapore, Malaysia and More

In an effort to effectively monetize audiences worldwide, Zynga is partnering with MOL accessportal to sell Zynga Game Cards in six asian countries including India.

In an effort to effectively monetize audiences worldwide, Zynga is partnering with MOL AccessPortal to sell Zynga Game Cards in six Asian countries including India. More after the jump.
MOL AccessPortal Berhad is a payment service provider in Asia – handling roughly 60 million transactions totaling over $200M in annual payment volume. With tons of physical payment collection points, this partnership could be quite fruitful for both parties, especially as Zynga expands efforts in Asia.
MOL is making Zynga Game Cards available across the six countries in channels such:

  • Popular retail chains such as 7-Eleven stores in Singapore and Malaysia, and
    Singapore’s Comic Connections;
  • MOL affiliated cybercafés such as India’s Sify Cybercafes, Philippine’s Netopia
    Internet Cafes and Thailand’s Fun Loader Cybercafes;
  • Electronic payment kiosks, online channels, banking and telco partners such as
    Malaysia’s Maybank2u, Singapore’s GXCredits and Indonesia’s Gudang Voucher.
  • Zynga Game Cards will be available in values of $2, $5 and $10 USD.

Zynga recently partnered with Mentez as well to sell prepaid cards at over a million locations in Latin America. Mentez is a leading publisher in the Latin American market based out of Miami and operates a service called Paymentez network that enables users to purchase virtual goods using a PIN number they can acquire from retail stores.
Zynga’s efforts are hence no surprise as Brazil and parts of Asia comprise the hottest growing social gaming markets in the world. A little known fact is that after North America, Indonesia has the most Facebook users. Zynga has been localizing games for the Asian market on both the Chinese and Japanese fronts. With strong pre-paid card distribution, Zynga hopes to monetize users who are inclined to receiving such gifts or don’t have credit cards or phones to charge their virtual currency bills to. It will be interesting to see how the numbers turn out in India.
For more information, please visit: www.mol.com/zynga.