Zynga Hires Floodgate Entertainment Team, Adds It to Boston Office

In a brief announcement, Zynga is saying today that it has bought the team from Floodgate Entertainment, a long-time developer of of games across PC, casual, mobile and social platforms. The team will be joining Zynga Boston — a studio that was formed last August around acquired social music game developer Conduit Labs. Zynga isn’t telling us much more about what the combined teams will be working on (we’re checking to see what happened to the company itself). Here’s a bit of detail from the official statement:

The team from Floodgate will immediately bolster the Zynga Boston team, with industry veteran and current Floodgate founder Paul Neurath joining as Creative Director. Paul brings to Zynga over two decades of experience in game development and is responsible for a number of acclaimed titles. In 1990 Paul founded Blue Sky Productions, which became LookingGlass in 1992.

Floodgate’s long list of creations include: Ultima Underworld, Madden Football 1994, Command & Conquer, EA Sports NASCAR 2007, Age of Empires, and recent mobile title Mo-Pets.

Zynga also highlights that this is the tenth acquisition in the past ten months. The company has made small purchases a key part of its business for many years, with many of the acquirees going on to take leading roles on future games. Here are the previous nine:

  • XPD in Beijing
  • Challenge Games in Austin
  • Unoh Games in Tokyo
  • Conduit Labs in Boston
  • Dextrose AG in Frankfurt
  • Bonfire Studios in Dallas
  • Newtoy Inc. in McKinney, Texas
  • Flock team
  • Area/Code, New York

[Paul Neurath image via Zynga]

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